The model PROSEAL Crime Prevention , is a crime prevention method which operates through various control activities on processes or activities of the company potentially presenting a risk of committing offenses under the law 20,393 (washing asset . Financing of terrorism and bribery of domestic or foreign public official ) and the UK Bribery Act, with the main objective to prevent and detect the materialization of the aforementioned risks.

Sergio Subiabre

Encargado Prevención de Delitos

If you feel that you have configured events that violate the provisions of the Code of Ethics of the company; or on Crime Prevention Model ; . or in the laws that regulate the activity of PROSEAL , you can denounce this situation , through the following channels:

Al correo electrónico : denuncias@proseal.cl

Denuncia directa al Encargado de Prevención de Delitos, don Sergio Subiabre Tapia, abogado, domiciliado en Viña del Mar, calle Montaña, oficina 312, Edificio Montaña Centro, Teléfono +56322687374, correo electrónico ssubiabre@proseal.cl

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